About us

Since its beginnings in 1979, AFPRO Filters has secured a leading role in the international air filtration market. Our filters are available around the world through sales offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, China and an extensive international dealer network.

The AFPRO team works together with their customers to reach the best air filter solution. Besides the high product quality, AFPRO also stands out because of its excellent logistics and supply of related requirements, such as V-belts. Swift delivery times, thanks to superior logistics, have enabled AFPRO Filters to expand into a reliable international partner.

As a manufacturer, AFPRO Filters is able to produce highly specialized customized work that meets the specific wishes of the customer, besides standard products.

Our mission
Everyone is entitled to clean air. Clean air that is achieved through the use of our filters.
Achieving a healthy living environment. Optimum IAQ (indoor air quality) improves performance and brings out the best in people.

For a start, the worldwide issue of excessive energy consumption can be reduced through the use of our filters. Savings of 50% of the energy consumption of the air treatment are not unknown to us. So simple, so efficient.

Our vision
Air treatment and quality of life go hand-in-hand. Let us take them to a higher level. Clean air provided by AFPRO Filters!

Company culture
From the start, we have worked together, shoulder-to-shoulder, on the result. AFPRO Filters is averse to hierarchical structures and requires a ‘roll up the sleeves’ mentality from everyone. All our department managers are involved in the activities being performed by their teams every day. On the other hand, open communication is expected from the team. That is how we can identify any problems quickly and solve them effectively. That is essential in every organisation, but certainly in a fast-growing organisation like ours.

The management team has daily contact with the production floor and attaches great value to making use of individual competences. In the context of “the numbers tell the tale”, management is based on behaviour and result.

At AFPRO, trust and reflection are the basis of functioning. The process owner is free to achieve his objective the way he sees fit. At moments of provisional reflection, possible learning opportunities are put to use. We also attach great importance to personal development; at AFPRO, personal development paths are made to measure.

Headquarters: Alkmaar
This very Dutch company has its origins in Alkmaar. Managing director Karel Bosschieter founded the company in 1979 after a short career with an English company.

AFPRO Filters started with the trade in air filters. In the early period, products were purchased on order and sold. After a few years, the step was taken to produce filters ourselves. Over the years, AFPRO Filters has expanded into an experienced and expert partner in air filtration.

Enterprising & innovative
AFPRO identifies opportunities in the market and turns them into innovative products. This entrepreneurship made AFPRO decide to shift part of its production to China. It’s how we can keep the costs down and guarantee quality and quantity.

Shortly after the company was founded, the Belgian branch was also opened. The Dutch laboratory was recently renovated and equipped with the latest technology so we can offer the widest possible range of research. You can also come to our research department for a unique energy calculation of your air treatment.

The ISO, TUV and Eurovent certification shows that AFPRO is a solid and reliable partner who works according to the highest international standards. That is why we feel very strongly about quality of product and management at our company.

Clean Air. Our Care 
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